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One in Six American's doesn't have enough to eat

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Beehive Food Program
Masonic Angel Foundation Inc
P.O.Box 1389

Orleans, Ma 02653

food products

Typical "beehive package"

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: Darin Krum of Eastham Ace Hardware delivers 30 electric rice cookers for the Beehive Food Program. The Krum family provided the rice cookers at cost and also donated all of the plastic totes used for the program’s food deliveries.


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how it works

The Beehive Food Program’s volunteers try to maximize their charity dollars by purchasing items at “dollar stores” which represent an excellent value compared to similar products in a regular retail grocery store.  They also identify items that provide “the most food for the dollar” such as a box of pasta and sauce, as opposed to a canned pasta product.  The first set of Beehive Packages in the May 2012 pilot test included items such as:

  • Bag of rice
  • Box of cereal bars (6)
  • Box of granola bars (8)
  • Four-pack of toilet tissue
  • Box of spaghetti
  • Meat sauce for pasta
  • Five-pack of Ramen Noodles
  • 8 oz box of Raisin Bran cereal
  • Box of Mac & Cheese

For the pilot test, the Beehive Food Program is purchasing its items from local Dollar Tree stores.  Dollar Tree represents an excellent value and is quite charity-friendly.  Of note, the BFP volunteers visit their Dollar Tree store and shop from store stock.  This provides more flexibility in taking advantage of promotions (like the buy six, get two free deal on granola bars) and also gives the local store credit for the sale.

Many of BFP’s school partners requested that a bag of rice be included in the Beehive Packages.  They suggested that many young parents would feel more comfortable cooking rice in an inexpensive electric rice cooker.  Our volunteers worked with our local Ace Hardware store, which sold us a nice Black & Decker electric rice cooker at their wholesale cost.  The local store’s wholesale cost was far lower than that of any on-line retailer of the same device.

The items included in Beehive Packages will evolve as the pilot test unfolds.

The Beehive Food Program currently limited to the chapters participating in the pilot test but will be opened to more Masonic Angel Fund chapters as the program develops.

A Project of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc